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November 17, 2022

Sex is fun, but you also need to pay attention to your sexual hygiene. Once you have done the deed, instead of resting, you must clean up to keep infections at bay.
We have a few post-sex tips that you must follow after you are done having sex with your partner. These simple steps will keep you healthy and help you avoid any discomfort in future. 
wash hands
You must use the restroom and wash your hands immediately after. During sex, you might have touched your own or your partner’s genitals, which can leave your hands contaminated with bacteria and germs. Washing hands will help you prevent infections from spreading. 
Whether you had penetrative sex, your partner used their fingers inside your vagina, or you used a sex toy, you must always pee after. After you are done cuddling with your boo, you must relieve your bladder to get rid of any infection-causing germs. 
When you wipe with unscented toilet paper, do it from the front to back, instead of the other way. It lowers the risk of infections. 
clean up after sex
Washing up is not something that might want to do right after having sex. But you must do it as soon as possible. Having come in contact with your partner’s genitals can expose you to germs and increase the chances of urinary tract infections (UTIs).
You must wash your genitals with normal water. You can pick a mild soap if you already have an infection. You can also take a quick shower after sex. It is not a hard and fast rule, just a tip to freshen up.
This step is something that can wait until after you have found the time to clean up. After a hot and steamy session, you might be sweaty and want to rest and relax. In such a case, if you wear tight clothes or uncomfortable undergarments, you won’t let your skin breathe.
It is better to wear loose clothes, cotton panties and moisture-absorbing fabrics to prevent yeast and bacteria from thriving. If you are going straight to bed, you can also skip underwear, and sleep in your comfy night suit.
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hydrate after sex
Hydration is important after you have sex. Water helps prevent dryness around your vagina. It can also aid in getting rid of bacteria that can lead to UTIs or any other infection. 
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Whether you have used a sex toy or a kinky object, it is necessary to clean it afterwards. Semen or vaginal discharge can make the surface of this equipment a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infection the next time you use them. 
These are just a few healthy habits to build that can ensure a safe sex life for you. 

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