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August 16, 2022
As the constant developments in Kim Garam school bullying scandal are seen, the only known alleged victim Yoo Eun-Seo continues to stay in the spotlight.
Although Eun-Seo wasn’t the one who initially started it but after HYBE announced the members of their new girl group, Le Sserafim which included Garam also, there were several anonymous posts started circulating around the internet that she was a bully.
yoo eun seo is a #1 instigator. this all could’ve ended if she just accepted that the girls didn’t want to be her friend after she let older males threaten them…
— ㅁ (@oncemimosa) August 10, 2022

garam and yoo eun seo even reconciled and were on good terms again, but eun seo became jealous of garam who was about to debut so she backstabbed her by hiring a lawyer to leak confidential info about a minor from 4 yrs ago and framing her with a smear article #JusticeForGaram
— ㅁ (@oncemimosa) August 11, 2022

a classmate from the middle school yoo eun seo transferred to has exposed eunseo for faking being a victim and attached screenshots from her Asked. #JusticeForGaram #KimGaram
— ㅁ (@oncemimosa) August 12, 2022

yoo eun seo has been exposed for attending a concert whilst she was staying at home after allegedly attempting su!c!de. her legal counsel said she also dropped out of school because she was su!c!dal.#JusticeForGaram #KimGaram
— ㅁ (@oncemimosa) August 13, 2022

translation of garam’s full conversation with yoo eun seo which was cropped to make it seem like garam intimidated her.
— ㅁ (@oncemimosa) August 12, 2022

The posts claimed that she was obsessed with sex and drew crude pictures in school and would also smoke and drink. However, HYBE denied all these rumors and took legal action.
Instead of scandal dying, the legal action made it worse when Yoo Eun-seo’s law firm publicly released its defence against Kim Garam.
In their defence on May 19 they released the description of how she was allegedly bullied by the former Le Sserafim star.
However, the latest update by Kim Garam on her friend’s Instagram account showed that the duo had actually been friends before her debut as a K-pop idol.
After HYBE dropped the 16-year-old out of the famous girl group, Garam allegedly opened up for the first time through an Instagram account.
On May 19, Eun-seo’s side released a lengthy statement. In their statement they said, Eun-Seo was a classmate of Kim Garam and she voluntarily transferred to another school because she was constantly bullied by the former girl idol group member and her gang.
They went on to say that due to the constant bullying Garam had received a level 5 punishment from the school violence committee while Eun-Seo had gotten psychological counseling.
However, the record of the school violence committee was confirmed by the Ministry of Education, HYBE and Kim Garam. In their lengthy statement, they claimed that Eun-Seo remained silent on the matter when Garam was about to debut and saw the other baseless rumors against the former idol.
She also claimed that she was threatened for making up fake rumors about Garam which made her suffer from panic attacks and she even attempted to suicide. Eun-seo is currently being treated by a psychiatrist.
However, on Aug 10, Kim Garam allegedly posted her side of story on Instagram. Fans are pretty sure that the story was made by the former idol as the post was acknowledged by HYBE.
In these 2 posts, Garam denied all baseless accusations as she said, she was never violent with anyone and she was never forced to transfer due to bullying anyone.
She never smoked or drank and never bullied anyone. She said that the level 5 punishment that she was given was due to an immature incident where she thought she was being chivalrous by trying to defend a friend.
According to her, Yoo Eun-Seo took a photo of Garam’s friend in her underwear and spread it on Facebook. They confronted Eun-Seo because of it and swore at her in person and online.
According to the school violence committee the records shared by Garam are true as they said that Eun-Seo too retaliated by getting her friends to swear at Garam’s group. Which made Garam’s clique to create a group chat to swear to Eun-Seo.
Their group also threatened to similarly take a photo of Eun-Seo in her underwear and to post it online.
Which made Eun-Seo apologize and later she transferred school. At her new school, she spread the rumors that she was bullied by Garam and her clique.
According to the school violence committee records, Garam was given level 5 punishment for bad mouthing Eun-Seo, being involved in the molka incident (sharing of a naked photo), swearing at people in person and online.
The Instagram account also shared screenshots of an alleged chat between Garam and Eun-Seo after the incident happened in 2018.
As per the chats, it looked like they were on good terms and had patched up but Eun-Seo decided to distort the incident. The screenshot also includes Garam and Eun-Seo complimenting each other and calling out cute to each other.
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