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August 10, 2022

Aug 8
YouTube video hosting is the most visited site on the Internet, with over 1.6 billion monthly traffic. When it comes to watching a video, 8 out of 10 users go straight to YouTube.
In the near future, businesses will need multi-armed specialists, because there will be no money for narrow specializations. If you’re already good at SMM or SEO, take a look at YouTube.
For users, YouTube is a rabbit hole into which you can fall endlessly. It is worth watching one video, and you are already being thrown a selection of interesting similar videos, channels and bloggers for the next 2–3 hours.
It is no coincidence that these videos make their way to the tops, to your feed and search selection: the chances of each video are greatly increased by competent SEO optimization.
I include video uploading and work with video previews in the package of services. A designer is needed for the preview. Of course, you can make a nice preview through the conditional Canvas, but if you take a designer into the project, it will turn out better.
Then I work with video titles, which is one of the most important SEO tools on Youtube. After you need to optimize the description of the video, pick up tags. Tags in a sense can be compared to keywords in SEO sites. Only the keywords on the sites no longer work, but the tags on YouTube do. It is important to choose them correctly. As a bonus, you can prepare subtitles for the video. They are not needed in all niches and do not affect views, but they greatly simplify the life of users.
When the video is already uploaded, it’s time to add links and tips inside the video, compose the end screen with buttons to other videos of the channel. The larger work is channel optimization. A very common problem for beginners is choosing an intro video that automatically starts on the main channel. This is the face of your brand for new subscribers, you need to make this video good, understandable and relevant. Optimization also includes work with playlists.
I am engaged in internal optimization and external promotion. The range of tasks depends on the ultimate goals of the client. If necessary, I can put together a content plan for the channel, based on trends and competitor analysis, give recommendations on creating content: the length of the videos, the content.
Internal optimization primarily includes a channel audit, which includes checking uploaded videos for compliance with YouTube requirements, analyzing competitors, as well as niche opportunities, and growth potential for organic and paid traffic/views.
External promotion includes possible channels through which the client can secure promotion. It depends on the specifics of the niche and the customer’s budget: for promotion, you can use both email newsletters and advertising from bloggers.
SEO on YouTube, like any other area of ​​marketing, you can learn on your own. What skills and tools will be useful to you in your work?
First of all, the search for information and its analysis. I did not find powerful courses on SEO for YouTube, there are only general courses on channel management. They do not always give recommendations for search promotion. Recently, a girl approached me for marketing advice on channel promotion. During the training, she was told that the title of the video should contain key queries on the topic. But when you stuff all possible requests into the header, it doesn’t look very good. Recommendations from free access are also not always adequate, they need to be evaluated: does it violate the rules of YouTube, does it violate the rules of Google, and just the rules of universal human logic? Any new trends and techniques must be critically reviewed.
Basic expertise in marketing. You need to understand how content and advertising work, what users are interested in, how they behave. Conventionally, if the video gets into the recommended ones, there should be a catchy headline so that the user pays attention. The perfect formula for headlines: a mix of SEO, clickbait, and relevance. In fact, this is a general rule of marketing, it works for articles on the site, and for native articles, and for social media posts.
Analytics. You need to experiment, formulate hypotheses and test them, try, see what works and what doesn’t. YouTube promotion tools are limited, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out in advance what will work. I had a case where I did a good video optimization, but people still didn’t watch it. Then I just changed the title of a series of videos, and the search volume and views increased several times.
The cost of SEO services on Youtube, like any freelance, is calculated by the hour or by the price per project. The price may vary depending on the amount of work.
In terms of cost, it all depends on what services the customer requests, what goals the business has and what the budget is. Someone just needs to optimize the video, someone needs to give recommendations on content. It all depends on the client’s budget. One customer can afford to spend two million a month on promotion: for bloggers, for interesting collaborations. Another cannot afford even 30 thousand for promotion
All projects on YouTube came to me by sundress. Communication is very important in SEO: I communicate in SEO chats, I have expert friends, I constantly go to courses, I fit into various initiatives. Interest is important, to direct more energy into work, to engage in networking. Make friends with professionals in your field. If they are faced with a large volume of tasks, they can share and transfer an order with you that they cannot take.”
Services include reporting and analytics. As a result, you must explain to the client what has improved, what has not improved. Firstly, this is a very correct approach from the point of view of a marketer, because you can do a lot of things without results. Usually, after optimization, subscribers and channel views increase. The client sees this, and he agrees to continue working with you.
YouTube looks like a great place to get information, have fun or learn something. But how much does business really need and is it possible to find a permanent job in this area?
The peculiarity of YouTube is that behavioral factors influence the ranking of videos and getting into trends to the maximum. To get into trends, it is not enough just to optimize the video and order advertising from bloggers, you need to shoot content that will be interesting to the user, perhaps even on hype topics. There are many factors that affect the number of views, including trends, i.e. the most popular user queries.
Recently, businesses are more interested in creating or promoting their channel more carefully. With the right approach to promotion and setting up linking between the working site and the channel, you can get a sufficient number of conversions. For some companies, this is the main channel for obtaining leads/orders.
YouTube is relevant for construction, there is a lot of traffic from the video. This is the direction in which people like to watch how houses are built. YouTube is very popular with psychologists: people watch videos and at the end they are offered to sign up for a course, buy a book or a webinar. Moreover, having a YouTube channel is a positive factor for search engines.
I believe that you can only do YouTube and earn enough, but I don’t want to limit myself to that just yet. I am interested in doing SEO and trying different projects, I deliberately do not choose only YouTube.
In general, YouTube is in demand and will remain in demand for a long time. You just need to remember that this is not a magic pill and you should not concentrate only on it.
I started freelancing with copywriting, then moved to SEO, the third stage was the development of YouTube. Now I am actively working with email marketing. Each time I mastered a new tool, I had more understanding of how other tools work. Information and knowledge are layered. If you want to work with promotion on YouTube, the winning combination will be website SEO and YouTube SEO or the work of an account manager on YouTube and Instagram. It might sell well. Now multi-armed specialists will be in demand.
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