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June 29, 2022

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We know many of our residents are struggling to make ends meet due to the increased cost of living.
Our recently launched £5million campaign of support is designed to help families most in need.
From energy funds, to abolishing social care charges and investing in holiday programmes to ensure our young people still benefit from a nutritious lunch and engaging events over the holidays, we want to make sure that no resident in West Dunbartonshire has to choose between heating and eating.
As well as these new initiatives, there is a range of support and advice already available.
Our 16-point guide shares practical actions residents could take to support themselves, their families or their neighbours.
Up to 7 million people in the UK miss out on income-related state benefits, with an estimated £15bn of benefits going unclaimed each year.
Make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to. Our Working4U team can help with benefit maximisation, or you can use an online benefits calculator.
To contact our Working4U team, please phone 01389 738296 or email
If you’re over State Pension age, check if you’re eligible for Pension Credit. It provides extra money for living costs as well as access to additional support. It is estimated that 123,000 eligible households in Scotland are not claiming the payment, often because they don’t know they can or how they claim.
If you are of State Pension age and have savings, own your own home or have a retirement income, you may still be entitled to Pension Credit. An award can provide help with housing costs, Council Tax, heating bills and, for those aged 75 or over, a free TV licence.
All three and four year olds, and eligible two years olds are entitled to 1140 hours of free early learning and childcare. 1140 hours is equivalent to 30 hours per week over a school year (38 weeks) or 22.5 hours per week over a full year (50 weeks). You can apply for a place at a local authority nursery, a private provider nursery in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council or a childminder who is in partnership with the Council.
You may also be eligible for a Scottish Child Payment to help towards the costs of supporting your family. This is a weekly payment of £20 for every child you look after who’s under 6 years of age. Paid every four weeks, it can be used for things like travel costs, nappies, childcare or family days out.
If Housing Benefit or Universal Credit doesn’t cover all your rent, check to see if you can make a claim for a discretionary housing payment.
You can apply through the Council Discretionary Housing Payments
If you are a West Dunbartonshire resident of working age and claim means-tested benefits including Universal Credit, you may be eligible to apply for a Council Tax Reduction. This is means-tested and could reduce your bill.
If you or a family member are experiencing illness or disability, you could be entitled to benefits. These include Personal Independence Payment (PIP) (for adults under state retirement age), Attendance Allowance (for those over state retirement age), and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) (for children under 16, for new claims. These are not means-tested and consider the way your health conditions affect daily living and mobility. If you receive these benefits, your entitlement to other benefits, including Pension Credit may increase. More information is available on our Benefits if you are Sick, Disabled or a Carer page.
Please Seek advice if you already claim disability benefits such as DLA for adults, as your award will stop if you claim PIP instead.
If you’re too unwell to work, you may be entitled to New Style Employment and Support Allowance and/or Universal Credit with Limited Capability for Work or Work Related Activity.
If you are unsure and need support, please contact our Working4U team on 01389 738296 or or your local Citizens Advice bureau.
Our partnership with Macmillan on the Improving the Cancer Journey initiative supports people diagnosed with Cancer understand what help they can get, including support with benefits.
We recently invested in a £1million package of support for carers, which includes respite to support unpaid carers, kinship carers and foster carers.
If you are a carer, you may also be entitled to Carer’s Allowance and/or an extra payment called the carer’s element within Universal Credit. This could mean £69.70 a week in Carer’s Allowance if you care for someone at least 35 hours a week and you, the person you care for and the type of care you provide meets the criteria. Details about this allowance are others are available on our Benefits if you are Sick, Disabled or a Carer page.
We’re working on a partnership with major energy providers soif you are struggling to pay for energy or think you may get into difficulty, contact your supplier and let them know. They may be able to offer a grant to help.
If you can’t get a grant from your supplier, check if you can get a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust (0121 348 7797). These grants are available to anyone – you don’t have to be a British Gas customer.
The Council will also offer fuel vouchers to those who cannot heat their home.
In addition, we provide free and impartial energy advice to all residents, homeowners and private tenants living in the West Dunbartonshire area.
We can offer free home visits to offer tailored advice, heating advice to ensure you are using your system efficiently and support obtaining grants to increase property insulation and heat retention. 
We can also offer guidance on all aspects of domestic fuel related issues such as cutting down on fuel bills, understanding your bills, choosing a supplier, payment methods, arrears and debt, reading meters and keeping you warm in your home.
We understand the importance of  foodbanks so we’ve committed to providing local foodbanks with an extra £1000 each week to ensure they have enough food to meet demand in the area.
If you are struggling to afford enough food to feed yourself and your family, let us know. Our Working4U officers can discuss your options, including a potential referral to a local foodbank for support. Many local foodbanks do not require a referral, and anyone in need can attend, see our food share page for more information.
Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods are payments that help towards the costs of being pregnant or looking after a child.
Best Start Grant is made up of 3 one-off payments:
Best Start Foods is a prepaid card that can be used in shops or online to buy healthy foods like milk or fruit. The payments you can get now will depend on:
Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods are two separate payments. You apply for both Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods using the same form to ensure you get all the payments you can without having to fill in more than one form. You’ll get separate letters to let you know whether you’ll get each payment.
If you can get one payment now and another in the future, you’ll need to fill in a new form each time you apply.
All Primary 1 – 5 pupils in West Dunbartonshire are automatically entitled to free school meals.
If your child is not in the above year groups, you can still apply for a free school meal.
You may also be eligible to apply for a School Clothing Grant, which is £300 per child and paid in two instalments.
You may be eligible for an Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) if you are aged 16-19 and wish to stay on in education. Applications are open for the school year 2022/2023 commencing in August.
The Council’s SHINE summer programme, run in partnership with a number of local organisations, offers our young people a range of free engaging activities to entertain them over the holidays, with many providing a free lunch, see what is on offer and book your child(ren) in.
To further support families, West Dunbartonshire Council has funded some free activities for West Dunbartonshire school pupils over the summer as follows:
Free swimming from 11.00am – 3.00pm for West Dunbartonshire School Pupils every day (subject to availability)
Participants must attend a West Dunbartonshire school or be a resident, they must have a valid Leisure Card. The first card is issued for free but replacement cards are to be charged at £2. Inflatable sessions are not included.
Free gym access for 12- 18yr old West Dunbartonshire School Pupils
Participants can access juvenile gym sessions (12.00noon – 4.00pm) free of charge over the summer. Participants must attend a West Dunbartonshire school or be a resident, and have a valid Leisure Card. The first card is issued for free but replacement cards are to be charged at £2. Those in this category who have current gym memberships will not have to pay their July membership fee as their membership will be frozen, and will pay half price for August.
You may be eligible for a Free School Meal Payment (£2.50 per day per eligible child). This payment covers lunches throughout the school holidays. For more information please contact
A Bridging Payment (£130 per child) will be paid to families already in receipt of Free School Meals via our Benefits section. This payment will be made to you automatically.
Young people aged 5-21 years old are now eligible for a card giving free bus travel. A new National Entitlement card will be required to access the scheme.
Ask for debt advice early
If you’re in debt, seek advice early rather than let things spiral out of control. As well as contacting Working4U for support, residents can also get help from StepChange or Citizens Advice Bureau.
We work with UK Social Enterprise HeyGirls to ensure everyone in West Dunbartonshire who has a period will have convenient access to appropriate products free of charge, as required. The products are available in schools and community venues across the authority.
You can find venues that are stocking the products on the MyPeriodLive website or by downloading the PickupMyPeriod app on IoS and Android. Most venues stock these products in the toilets to avoid the need to ask for them, and residents are encouraged to take as much as they need for their cycle.
The Scottish Welfare Fund can help families and people in Scotland who are on low incomes. There are two types of one-off grant you can apply for.
A crisis grant may be available if you need urgent help with costs that have arisen as a result of a disaster or emergency, to keep you and your family safe from harm. You may be in crisis because of a disaster like a fire or flood, or an emergency such as losing all your money or having to visit a sick child in hospital.
Community care grants may be available to you if you are about to leave care to live on your own in the community; you face going into care because you don’t have the things you need to continue living at home; you require help because you are struggling to provide a safe and secure home for your family; or you need help to get essential household items like a cooker or washing machine but don’t have the money to buy it.
If you need additional support, you can also contact our Crisis Support Team by texting the word ‘help’ to 07800 002 582 or referring yourself from the support page.
Our Working4U employability team can offer a range of support whether you are looking to re-enter the workplace, re-train or gain new skills. This can help you maximise your income through employment. We will support you to overcome barriers you face to gaining or retaining employment, and we work with a range of partners to strengthen this offer. If you require support please contact the team.
Let us know if you find any spelling mistakes, inaccuracies or broken links by using this form. If you provide an email address we will only use it to provide an update if required.

To get in touch about a service we provide, please use our Contact Us section


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