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April 23, 2022

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If you haven’t started to prepare for a cookie-less world, consider this your warning – and no, I am not talking about the confectionary type!
Third-party cookies are set to be phased out by Google in 2023 (that’s right, next year!). Google join the list of other browsers already ditching third party cookies. This is on top of Apple’s app tracking transparency technology which anyone with an iPhone has undoubtedly seen the relatively new pop-up when they first download and use an app.
Facebook notification to opt in
All these changes, and in particular the Google Chrome changes, are going to have a big impact on digital marketing in general.
Third-party cookies come from a website, which is different to the website the user is visiting. For example, Facebook placing a cookie on
From a marketing perspective, they help advertisers because the information collected can help with behaviour targeting or monitoring a user’s activity online. All of this information gives marketing a better chance of being successful. But the landscape is changing…
There has been a push for users to take control of their privacy, thus our marketing tool kit and approach must also change to keep up with the times.
The demise of third-party cookies ultimately means the quality of ad data and tracking tools will decline, both in terms of the amount of data that is out there and the quality of it. This ultimately means that:
Example Cookie Banner
Yes! Here’s how:
If you need help preparing and adapting your marketing strategy to fit into a cookie-less world (third party) then please get in touch and talk to one of our experts today.
Meet Bhavesh, a consultant in our UX team who’s shares his first thoughts on joining Coast and shares some interesting insights into the world of UX!


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