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February 13, 2022

Details surrounding The Marvels are scarce, so who could Park Seo-Joon be playing?
Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know that Captain Marvel is getting a sequel, and that it’s not going to simply be Captain Marvel 2. Instead, The Marvels, which went into production in 2021 is uniting Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan on the big screen for one epic adventure – but that’s pretty much all fans know. With very little details about the story or other characters involved in the story, fans are left with nothing to do but speculate until Marvel officially announces anything related to the movie.
One of those points of speculation is just who some of the announced cast members are playing. Zawe Ashton, at the very least, is rumored to play a villain in the movie. K-drama star Park Seo-Joon, best known these days for his role as Min in Parasite, was cast in the movie as well. With no information available about the movie, plenty of fans are wondering just who he could be playing. There are a lot of comic book options for him – if the actor was cast as an existing comic book character.
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Marvel comic book fans will recognize Amadeus Cho as one of the heroes to transform into a Hulk. Unlike Bruce Banner, he does it with a special device on his arm. He also, however, is a super genius. He’s able to make huge calculations in seconds. Multiple characters reference him as one of the eight smartest people in the world. Hercules even says that he believes Amadeus Cho is smarter than the goddess of wisdom Athena.
Plenty of fans have wondered if Cho would be introduced to the MCU since Helen Cho made her debut in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Helen, despite being the one who invented the synthetic tissue technology that would eventually be used to create both Ultron and Vision, hasn’t appeared in the MCU since. In the comics, she’s he’s mother, but the age gap between the two actors isn’t large enough to make that happen on screen. It’s entirely possible that the relationship between the two could be changed, however, like Natasha Romanoff’s to Alexei Shostakov. In the comics, he’s her husband, while in the MCU, he’s her father during a spy mission for the Red Room. Helen and Amadeus could see a change to siblings, or be completely unrelated for that matter.
There have been multiple versions of the hero Quasar in the comics, or multiple people who have used the code name. None of them (so far) have been of South Korean descent, but that doesn’t matter when adapting the characters for the screen. The only real requirement for a hero to be Quasar is for them to have access to the Quantum Bands. That’s the source of Quasar’s power, which includes energy manipulation, like bending light around oneself to make them appear invisible. The powers are actually very similar to what Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau can do in the comics as both women can manipulate energy in a variety of ways.
While the Quantum Bands haven’t made their way into the MCU just yet, comic book characters who have utilized them have. They’re supposed to be awarded to a protector of the universe, as chosen by the being Eon, who was said to be one of the oldest beings to exist. Sometimes, the bands ended up out of the hands of the chosen protector and in the hands of someone else. In the comics, Thanos’ parents actually have them at their wedding ceremony, for example. They’re also considered a mystical relic amongst the Kree, whom Carol Danvers has a connection to, of course.
It’s entirely possible that one of the many versions of Quasar could cross paths with the Marvels to wield the Quantum Bands in a fight. Plenty of fans have speculated that with the Eternals and Shang-Chi in the MCU, both of whom were seen to use specialized sets of rings in their movies that are older than the Earth itself, that the Quantum Bands could be linked to either of them for the MCU’s purposes too.
Tae-Won is a relatively new hero in Marvel Comics. He’s one of the few heroes of South Korean descent who isn’t operating in America. Instead, he debuted in the comics in 2021, working as a superhero in South Korea, and acting as a temporary adversary to the thief Black Cat.
In his first story arc, Taegukgi actually finds himself controlled by a villain, and it’s Black Cat’s team (that she’s only part of to clear her name for a false accusation) helps free him from the villain’s form of mind control. He’s only appeared in a handful of comics since, which means he’s the kind of character that movie writers wouldn’t have to adhere to any strict backstory for. Taegukgi would be a lesser known character that comic book fans wouldn’t have preconceived notions about, which could be good if he’s getting an introduction in The Marvels to become a bigger part of the MCU later.
Given that the name of the Captain Marvel sequel is The Marvels, and all three confirmed characters for the movie have used variations of a codename with the word “Marvel” in it in the comics, it seems like a safe bet that there could be another character using a similar name. Noh-Varr often uses the codename Marvel Boy and has even been a member of the Young Avengers, a team the MCU appears to be building toward.
Noh-Varr is a Kree who works on a spaceship, but ends up as the only survivor when the ship is attacked. While he stops the villain that brings the ship down, he’s actually captured and held by SHIELD in the comics, which leaves him with a deep distrust of Earth and wanting to declare war on the planet. (He also happens to crash on Earth in New Jersey, where Kamala Khan is from.) Despite that, he does end up as a protector of the planet much later, even embroiled in the Secret Invasion comic book story, battling the Skrulls. He seems like the best candidate for Park Seo-Joon to play, even if he’s not the younger version of the character who ends up in the Young Avengers.
Of course, fans could also be in for something completely different.
Fans have theorized that because of Carol Danvers’ connection to the Kree and the Skrulls that the Captain Marvel sequel might not just be about the three Marvel-related heroes bonding or teaming up. The movie could spin out of the events of the Disney Plus Secret Invasion series. Despite announcements of actors added to the cast, little is known about the actual plot of the show or how close to the Secret Invasion comic book arc it will be.
Park Seo-Joon could easily be playing a member of the Skrulls connected to someone in the series, or a Kree if the Kree-Skrull conflict has continued decades into the MCU. The possibility is ripe for new characters to be introduced during the series that the audience hasn’t seen before, especially with the slowly unfolding multiverse in other properties before it. The actor could even be playing a new character connected to the X-Men or Fantastic Four’s debuts in the MCU, laying the foundation for future appearances.
Filming has wrapped on The Marvels. It lands in theaters in 2023.
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