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January 30, 2022

Harshal Dewangan, the Founder & CEO of Dewa Direction and Asia’s top marketing agency for branding and digital marketing, started out as a software engineer and taught himself everything he knows about the advertising industry after working in it for several years. Now, he has taken his experience and put it to use with Dewa Direction to help businesses grow their brand and generate more leads using creative techniques that anyone can learn if they’re willing to put in the time and effort. In this interview with Fox Interviewer, Harshal explains how he got started, what makes his company unique, and what his goals are for the future.
The business was started in 2010 by Harshal Dewangan. The reason behind to start his own business was that he wanted to offer his services to international clients instead of working as an employee or consultant. He launched his startup with a company named Dewa Direction. His hard work resulted in success within a short period which helped him become famous throughout Asia as well as across Europe, the Middle East, and Australia regions. He had always wanted to be successful but even he never expected that he would reach such heights at such a young age. Being a founder of an award-winning technology firm is an honor; still achieving it at just 22 years old is outstanding. – Fox Interviewer.
The first question that comes to mind after reading How Dewa Direction became Asia’s Top Digital Marketing Agency is how did Harshal Dewangan achieve his success as a fresher? With a dream to become an entrepreneur, he started applying to different online works from other popular online websites. However, like all other fresh graduates do in India; he didn’t get any good offers but only had a few short-term projects which involved simple web designing work. His luck changed when he completed his engineering and started working full time for his career and building connections with marketing experts like Dhanush Khangar who is also his partner in growing this company Dewa Direction.
Harshal Dewangan, CEO & Founder of Dewa Direction, which ranks as one of Asia’s leading brand consultancy agencies by The Medium’s Report in 2021-2022. They started their careers by consulting local clients from their cities like Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur and building new connections through Facebook & Linkedin, and reaching out to foreign clients to provide their services which exploded the new path of branding and marketing services in regions like USA, Australia, Dubai, Malaysia & Singapore.  Today they’re going global with a handful of offices around India and more than 100 client portfolios across 5 continents covering brands like Laverne, Aspire Aesthetic & EZKonekt.
In a world that is quickly transitioning into one where technology is at its core, there will come a time when people won’t necessarily look for what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook. They’ll be looking to see which organizations are ahead of their game when it comes to leveraging innovation as a competitive advantage. Harshal Dewangan says “We are just here to build a business big enough to prove the world that anyone can become an entrepreneur and I expect we’ll all start to ask ourselves why our businesses aren’t thinking about new technologies as part of their marketing strategy—even if it means experimenting with ideas like virtual reality and augmented reality. These might seem like strange concepts now, but even five years ago we would have said no way! to some of today’s accepted online practices. And you know what? The next big thing could be right around the corner!”
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