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January 11, 2022

You need proof of full vaccination to participate in most events and activities if you’re 12 and older.
You can get a COVID-19 vaccine if you’re 5 or older. You can book an appointment for yourself or someone else (like a parent, grandparent or child). You can also book an appointment if you’re eligible for an additional dose or booster dose.
As part of the proof of full vaccination protocol, you need proof that you’re fully vaccinated to participate in discretionary, non-essential events and activities that gather people together (like going to restaurants, movies, sports events, theatre performances, social events and the gym). Proof of full vaccination is also required for most events with gathering limits. Proof of vaccination isn’t required for children 11 and younger (they can attend events and activities with a fully vaccinated adult or on their own).
Protocol: COVID-19 Protocol for Proof of Full Vaccination for Events and Activities (PDF)
Guide: Guide for providing your proof of full vaccination for events and activities (PDF)
You need proof of full vaccination to go to or participate in discretionary, non-essential events, activities and services that gather people together, including:
Proof of vaccination isn’t required under the protocol for the staff of businesses and organizations that offer the events and activities. Proof of vaccination is required for volunteers who host, lead or organize the events and activities.
Proof of full vaccination isn’t required for most places that don’t host formal gatherings and places that offer essential, non-discretionary services and activities, including:
Children who turn 12 between 1 January and 4 October 2021 have until 31 December 2021 to attend events and activities while they get vaccinated. Children who turn 12 after 4 October 2021 have 3 months from their birthday to get vaccinated.
Businesses and organizations can set their own vaccination policies if proof of vaccination isn’t required under the proof of full vaccination protocol and for their employees. People who are not fully vaccinated need to be able to access essential services. Policies should take legal and ethical implications into consideration.
Businesses and organizations have 2 options to verify proof of vaccination. They can scan the QR code on the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination using VaxCheckNS. Or they can verify proof of vaccination visually.
After verifying proof of vaccination, they must also review additional identification to confirm your identity. Accepted identification includes:
You can use the original version of your identification (card, paper or digital). You can also use a clear photocopy, photo or screenshot.
Guide: Proof of full vaccination guide for businesses and organizations (PDF)
Poster: Proof of vaccination not required for takeout poster (PDF)
Poster: Proof of vaccination required poster (PDF)
If you get a COVID-19 vaccine in Nova Scotia, your Nova Scotia COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination includes the date, time, location, type, brand and lot number of COVID-19 vaccine you received. Within the province, you can use your Nova Scotia COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination to show proof of vaccination. Learn more: proof of vaccination.
If you’re not a permanent resident of Nova Scotia, you can use your vaccination record from your home province, territory or country to show proof of vaccination.
If you receive at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine in the province, you can have your out-of-province vaccinations included on your Nova Scotia COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination. Learn more: out-of-province vaccine.
To request a medical exception for proof of full vaccination, you need to have a valid medical reason that prevents you from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.


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